Granite countertops are ageless, which helps add elegance to a space for much of the life of the home. However granite countertops are not just for the kitchen. A survey of new homebuyers found that stone finishes in multiple locations throughout the home increased their perception of the value of the home by almost 10 percent! If you are looking to polish up your home appearance, here are some areas that can be spruced up with granite tops.

The Bathroom

Whenever someone visits your home, they look at the spaces you expect them to see – the kitchen and dining room for example, and they expect those to be nice. But what they really make their judgments about are the areas that are not created and perfectly stylized just for visitors. Number one on the list of places they are likely to visit and make such judgments on is the bathroom. In addition to protecting against the many spills and wear-and-tear that bathrooms naturally go through, it makes a statement that there are no shortcuts in the house.

Granite bathroom countertops are a perfect way to maintain an elegant feel, while providing a stain-resistant, heat-resistant surface that can withstand everything from toothpaste to blowdryers.

The Basement Bar

Often the basement bar is the place where you entertain your guests, have late night conversations with friends, and make co-workers jealous. A basement wet bar or kitchenette can be the perfect place for a granite countertop that will survive a red wine spill, and will not make you regret forgetting to clean up after a party. After all, who wants to be worrying about their countertops while entertaining?

The Home Office

With Zoom becoming the new normal, it is often impossible to not take a peek at the home offices your co-workers, partners, clients and boss have in the background. While we won’t go as far as saying that they are judging you on what they see, we will say that it is often the first thing people notice. Having granite can convey the professionalism and experience you bring to the table without you having to say it.

The Patio

Many of us have grills in our backyard, but where do you season your meat and make the magic happen? An outdoor working space or bar is a great way to create spaces for conversation and engagement (so everyone isn’t just standing aimlessly) and have a fixture that can survive the weather and other elements without looking worn down or weathered.

If you’re interested in making your space more practically elegant, visit us at Kansas Granite Mart to find out what options will make each of your spaces pop.