Just because you have a smaller kitchen does not mean that your kitchen has to feel small. Through a combination of textures and colors, we want to highlight a few ways you can not only make your kitchen feel larger but can make it truly memorable for all who visit.

Here are some backsplash ideas to help you get more out of your small kitchen:

Natural & unpolished stones

Having a natural and unpolished stone as a backdrop subliminally appeals to our desire to reconnect with nature, while at the same time making a small space feel significantly larger.

For the best results choose stones with obvious imperfections and accent colors that you can then match with your kitchen appliances such as brass or polished copper sink. Also, consider going light on the color of your cabinets and then using your cabinet handles to bring the raw metal color back in.

Bright patterned tile with matching cabinets

Another way to add flair to a kitchen and make it seem larger is to lean into bright-colored tile and match that tile with painted cabinets that give the smaller kitchen an oversized personality.

Keep in mind that when “going bright” there is a thin line between “energetic fun” and “overwhelming.” To keep a good balance, try sticking to white and black on the non-colored surfaces, and balancing out the boldness of the color with grounding elements like a wood floor.

Natural speckled look

You can find a natural stone backsplash and countertop that brings in an organic and vibrant feel through its naturally speckled pattern.

By pairing this speckled pattern with a complimentary neutral, earth tone, or pastel cabinet color, and then a bright, bold, attention-grabbing appliance, you can turn a small kitchen into a work of art that people talk about.

Similar to the examples above, you will want to ground it with a natural wood floor to bring together the very different colors into a cohesive package.

White tiles, glass, and wood

In a nod to the comfort farmhouse style, using white tiles as a backdrop allows you to then have a canvas in which you can infuse plants, natural textures, wood, and shiny objects such as glass and mirrors to add depth and personality which make the viewer completely forget how small the kitchen is.

If a kitchen is comfortable and demonstrates a balance between natural elements and modern elements, it is often more than enough to keep the eye busy and make the kitchen feel much more interesting.

For more ideas on backsplash materials or for information on the wood floors that play an important role in making the rest of the kitchen elements stand out, talk to the Kansas Granite Mart team, and let them know you’re looking to make a small kitchen feel larger.