A kitchen can feel bigger, bolder, more comforting, or more interesting by making a few changes that have a big impact. By focusing on the focal points of the kitchen, we are able to create an awe-inspiring space that people are drawn to and talk about. Since the kitchen is the heart of a home, and the launchpad for entertaining, it is important that it embodies the overall feeling that represents those who live there.

Here are four ways that the kitchen can be transformed into a space that people can’t help but be in awe of.

Be bold with the backsplash

One of the first things someone sees when looking into a kitchen, the backsplash not only makes the cabinets look bigger, it has the potential to make the entire kitchen look bigger, bolder, and more spacious. A backsplash shows an attention to detail and gives insight into the character of the household.

It makes a statement.

So make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity to stand out with an interesting backsplash that inspires visitors and sets the tone for your space.

Have dynamic cabinets

The cabinets often take up the most surface area in a kitchen, and thus, have the biggest impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Have you ever been in someone’s kitchen and despite them having a big space from a square footage perspective, you find yourself asking why it just doesn’t feel nicer? Your answer usually resides in their choice to leave their outdated or cheap-looking cabinets.

To make your kitchen feel bigger and more inviting, experiment with different cabinet sizes and materials. Think about adding glass, clear or frosted, add hidden lights underneath or inside, and be creative with the materials you want to create the look that represents you.

Think of the floor

An often underestimated aspect of kitchens, the floor creates the aesthetic that ties the look together. If you want a more elegant look, think of a polished stone floor. Want more of a classic comfort? Explore hardwood floors that can feed into that nostalgic feeling.

Photo courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych

Lighting matters

Think of your kitchen like a movie set. The director controls the entire mood of the film through the lighting. Is something bad going to happen in that room? Is the person going through an introspective or dark time in their life? You can usually tell due to the lower lighting. Is it a happy space where the family congregates? You usually know instantly due to the bright daylight-toned friendly lighting. Are you looking at an attractive bachelor or hero’s pad? Your first clue is probably the dynamic, bold, (and dare we say) sexy lighting.

Think about the ambiance you want to have first, and then bring in a lighting designer to translate that feeling into your kitchen. They will be able to set up the lighting to work with how you want the space to come across, as well as what flooring and cabinetry you already have in place.

For tools to make your kitchen more dynamic, and to give it a “wow” factor, visit the Kansas Granite Mart team. A better kitchen awaits.