Designing a small bathroom has it challenges, but if you make every inch count, you might be surprised what you can do with your small space. Use these design tricks for your small bathroom remodel to save space without compromising on style.

Rethink the sink

Make room for traffic by putting the sink in the corner. Consider a wall-mounted trough sink to clear up space for your feet or choose an oval sink for more counter space. Installing a floating vanity frees up space underneath for storage and makes the room appear visually larger. Opt for rounded edges on your granite countertops to avoid unwanted bruises from sharp corners that get in the way when you’re hustling through your morning routine.

Less door is more

Be conscious of how your drawers and doors open in your bathroom. A shower door that opens and closes will waste space and make for awkward traffic patterns. Use a shower curtain to close off the bath area. Make sure that you measure the height, as a curtain that drops all the way to the floor will add height to your space. Sliding doors or a glass panel can also be space savers. For your bathroom door, consider going with a sliding door rather than a door with a hinge.

Trick the eyes

Use design tricks to make your small space feel big. Use a large pattern, like a wide stripe, to make your bathroom look larger than it really is. Continue the floor tile into the shower stall to elongate the room. Oval mirrors that appear to stretch upwards tend to make the room feel taller.

Squeeze in storage

Your small space most likely lacks an abundance of storage. Install a modern version of a medicine cabinet above your sink for extra space for your toiletries. Add a ledge to provide space to set your toothbrush down. Mount a towel rack or hook on the back of the door for towels and bathrobes. Get creative and think of nontraditional spaces that could be utilized for storage.

Let the light in

Although it may seem difficult to find space to put everything you want in your small bathroom remodel, think twice before you put extra storage in front of the window. Never block natural light as it will always make a room feel brighter and larger.

When designing and remodeling a small bathroom, being thoughtful with and conscious of space is essential- because there’s not much to work with! A small bathroom remodel doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice design or functionality.