Spring is here, which means that now is the time to get the kitchen you’ve been living in under control. As one of the areas that we use (and have to clean) every day, adding structure and organization to your kitchen can have a big impact on your mornings and evenings. Here are 8 easy steps to creating less hassle and more zen in your kitchen.

1. Add an island

Kitchen islands provide a great place to store everything from entertaining dishes and serving utensils to kitchen appliances that can otherwise clutter your kitchen counters. One sure fire way to create more kitchen organization is to add either a permanent or temporary island.

2. Take advantage of open walls!

Sometimes we forget that we can use our empty walls for storage as well. It may not be the most obvious storage location, but there are a vast array of possibilities from hanging pegboards to open shelves.

3. Use your ceiling as well

If you are space-challenged, consider hanging a pot rack from the ceiling. In addition to providing a focal point and making you look like a pro, kitchen racks can be a great place to hang pots, pans, spatulas, and even pot lids.

4. How about your oven?

How often do you really use your oven? If the answer is “hardly ever” then you have been wasting valuable storage space! The oven is a great place to store large awkward items like pots and pans. Even if you do use your oven a lot, try using the storage drawer at the bottom for your baking pans.

5. Cabinet doors

Are you letting the inside of your cabinet doors laying bare?! Try hanging an organizer over the cabinet door as a great place to store items like dish towels, sink scrubbers, and potholders.

6. Shelves or storage drawers under the sink

Under the kitchen sink can be a scary place. Make your least structured cabinet friendlier with wire shelves, organizing boxes, or plastic storage drawers. This allows you to know where everything is, and better use one of your biggest cabinet spaces.

7. Cabinet sides

The sides of cabinets are great places to add small open-shelving. Are all of your sauces and seasonings taking up counter space? Add a seasoning rack or sauce bin to your cabinet ends.

8. Reduce the awkwardness

Turn that awkward corner into a Lazy Susan that can make all of your miscellaneous tupperware, cooking oils, and peanut butter jars vanish. Even better, they will be more accessible, and easier to put up than ever before.

Often, compartmentalizing your kitchen items, and making the things you use most the easiest to access (and put away), can keep your kitchen cleaner longer. Try creatively using empty surfaces in your kitchen, and adding storage that allows you to clear the counters. This will have the added benefit of making your kitchen look bigger. For more tips, or to speak with the Kansas Granite Mart team about ideas for improving your kitchen, call (816) 321-1218 or visit https://kansasgranitemart.com/.