Quartz countertops are making a strong comeback in kitchens all around the world, and with good reason. There are many benefits both in functionality and in style that quartz countertops offers to its users — which is why we’re back with Part II in our series about quartz! Quartz is a manufactured material which allows a wide variety of colors and pattern variations that have great depth, and a luxurious feel, when compared to other manufactured countertops. Quartz is a fabulous countertop material thanks to its ability to resist stains, heat, and chipping, with minimal special care involved. We rounded up some of the most beautiful quartz kitchen countertops on Pinterest for you to see:

A beautiful combination of marble-esque quartz kitchen countertops that combines natural elements and a clean, white surface.

Original image source: http://mrandmrs2015.tumblr.com/post/129925344611/a-little-saturday-morning-inspiration-from

This kitchen snippet is cool, clean, yet welcoming. Light grey cabinets pair well with this white and grey quartz countertop.

Original image source: http://www.davonport.com/kitchens/Orford

All-white kitchens have been trending for quite awhile, but Carrera marble can really bust a budget. This quartz countertop look-alike gives you all the pizazz without breaking the bank.

Original Image source: http://www.wk.com.au/Gallery

One of the newest kitchen countertop trends is the ‘waterfall’ island. Like similar kitchen countertop materials, quartz can accomplish the waterfall look with ease.

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/572309065136418841/

This farmhouse-style kitchen makes great use of a cream quartz countertop to give guests a warm, comfortable, and welcoming feeling.

Original image source: Kitchens by Emanuel http://www.wk.com.au/Gallery

Quartz kitchen countertops are elegant and can be equally as stunning as a high-end marble. This kitchen is the perfect example of the capabilities quartz countertops has in both design and style.

Image Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AVu0n_x4OVBjsj9RXowlZZNt2wbGGH2fOgBI28gbqt5OeInIUQmcILk/