In a year that saw restricted travel and forced hermitting, many were forced to confront the practical reality that their living quarters felt like a “residence” and not a “home.” All of that time away allowed us all to ignore the fact that we had underinvested in our personal space. As a result, 2021 is seeing many trends that match the new expectations we have for our homes representing us more. Whether building new residential spaces, or just remodeling your current kitchen, here are some ideas for making your space as trendy and memorable as the people who will be living there.

Pendant lighting

One of the most searched terms in 2020, pendant lights have an ability to tie a look together and make a statement as to the personality of the space. The added bonus is that pendant lights are versatile, so you can have pendants that have a lot of glass for an elegant look, woven or wood pendants that give off an artisanal comforting feel, or group a few modern looking pendants together in a bunch for dramatic effect.

Appliances in drawers

The reality of having visible appliances is that they automatically attract our attention, which means that whoever is looking at the kitchen is focusing on what type of appliances you have, and not how you have curated a beautiful space. The more you are able to hide your appliances, the more you are free to draw attention towards the space itself, and the people in it.

Faucets with personality

A tool for making room-defining statements, the sink is quickly becoming an essential upgrade for elegant kitchens. Whether going with a brushed copper, or modern gold with matching sink, the opportunities to balance out a light toned countertop or island are endless.

Dark is here

From black, glossy countertops, to deep-toned wood counters, darker colors are adding a level of sophistication and elegance that many crave. The dramatic effects that dark islands, counters, and cabinets have when contrasted with lighter surfaces and rustic woods will stand out to anyone entering the space.

Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops provide the high-end luxurious feel of marble countertops, but with an ability to withstand whatever gets thrown its way. Able to fend off red wine stains, while showing off the veins that can make the kitchen interesting and tie the color scheme together cannot be talked about enough. For great results, you can match the vein color to your flooring, cabinetry, or accents.

Kitchens are becoming one of the most recognizable windows into the soul of the space. Fortunately, with durable yet elegant countertop options, symbolic lighting, and dramatic color schemes, you can easily make it fit your stylistic vision.