It can be tempting to think that designing a great kitchen is 100 percent about getting the fanciest appliances on the market. In reality, there are a number of factors that go into creating an amazing kitchen space that people are drawn to.

While chandeliers and gold sinks may add an extra dimension to your kitchen, it is important to remember the golden rules:

  1. A kitchen must be functional. It must “work” when someone wants to cook in it, and have a flow that does not feel congested or static.
  2. A kitchen must be durable. Countertops often take a beating, and are the source for a lot of spills and accidents. Thus, they need to be able to withstand generations of abuse.
  3. A kitchen must be inviting. Whether it is used for entertaining friends, or day-to-day life and family, it must feel like a place where memories can be made and life can be lived.

To help with accomplishing these golden rules, here are 4 tips for avoiding kitchen design mistakes:

Appliances and cabinets that fit

Understanding what kind of space you want the kitchen to be, and the design style that will go into the rest of the living space is incredibly important when deciding what type of appliances and cabinets to put in.

It is all too common to find oversized or undersized refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, or cabinets that break the kitchen into pieces and make it feel like a storage room for kitchen equipment instead of a well-put together and inviting unified space.

In addition to double and triple checking the dimensions of all appliances and drawing it out at scale to ensure a good flow, work with experts like those at Kansas Granite Mart to make sure the colors and feel of the cabinets tie in with the appliances and countertops. This unity in design will go a very long way to ensure the space will be inviting to all.

Dark & Poor Lighting

Lighting not only affects our mood, it impacts how we see the space. If you do not have enough lighting, or there is yellow lighting, it can make the atmosphere seem stale and small. Bright lighting makes a kitchen seem like there is more space, while also creating an illusion of a higher ceiling and a more positive atmosphere.

Additionally, having varying wavelengths of light in the kitchen can further contribute to a positive and vibrant atmosphere, and create a sense of motion within the kitchen. A great way to accomplish this is having warmer-toned LED lights under the cabinets, and then pendant lights that function as task lighting above the kitchen island. You can round it out with recessed lighting that matches the pendant lights in wavelength to maximize the “big kitchen feel” regardless of what the kitchen size is.

One other note. If possible, try to incorporate real light with the presence of windows or patio sliding glass doors. The outdoor scene will give a sense of depth and ensure that the kitchen is dynamic and interesting to the eye, with a splash of color.

Vertical space

A kitchen design mistake that can be easily avoided is not taking full advantage of vertical space. Especially in kitchens with a smaller footprint, vertical space can provide valuable storage outside the line of sight.

This can be accomplished by installing overhead cabinets or open shelves going up to the ceiling to take advantage of the otherwise unused space between the ceiling and the normal cabinet stopping point.

Bad circulation & lack of flow

Being able to move freely within and around a kitchen is an underappreciated key to a kitchen feeling welcoming and functional…and should be a focus of designing any kitchen.

Beware of oversized islands that make it hard to navigate around the kitchen, kitchen peninsulas that can create a bottleneck if there will be more than 1-2 people in the kitchen, and spaces for planned dining room tables that are too close to where the food will be prepped. If possible, try to have at least 3.5 feet of space around the center of your kitchen for people to circulate freely.

At Kansas Granite Mart we understand the importance of having the right cabinets and countertops for the overall space. Please feel free to reach out for all of your questions, or to order the pieces that will make your kitchen amazing.