It’s a simple law of life: if bathrooms and kitchens are where we do most of our living in our homes, then they’re also the two places primed for the most mess and clutter. So if you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you’re probably dreaming of all the storage from your new cabinets.

The key to organized, clutter-free bathrooms and stress-free routines is how you use that newfound bathroom storage. We’re going to walk you through how to declutter and how to organize your bathroom cabinets so that your newly remodeled bathroom stays feeling fresh, clean, and new.

Pull everything out in the open

Shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, medicines, spare contact cases, and more. Get it all out in the open so you can see everything you’re trying to store in your bathroom.

Then you want to start three different piles: stuff to pitch, stuff you use in your everyday routine, and stuff you use less frequently. You may also have a fourth pile for stuff you store as backup — for example, if you buy things like toothpaste in bulk.

The stuff to pitch pile will be key: really take the time to evaluate if you ever actually use some of the things in your drawers. For example, perfume samples, odd-colored eyeliner, and hair products that have never quite worked for you. Check the age of some of your products as well. Mascara tubes should be thrown out every six months; cream-based cosmetics every six to twelve months; gel and liquid eyeliners, every six to eight months.

Pare down to your everyday essentials

If you share a bathroom with a partner or kids, have them do this as well. You each likely have items you use in an everyday routine, and then items that are only pulled out for special occasions. Or say you have wavy hair, but you straighten it most days. Keep your blow dryer and straightener handy, but curl creams and curling irons can be stored separately.

Break up your cabinets and drawers

Including your medicine cabinet, how much storage space do you have? Use open wall shelving to store some of your prettier, frequently-used items. Use your medicine cabinet to store everyday things like face wash, moisturizer, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Use the top cabinet shelf to store medications.

If you have drawer space, designate a drawer for each person. Use dividers and small bins to keep things like makeup and tools organized.

Store the stuff you don’t use everyday under the sink

Sometimes the big cabinets under the sink seem like a cavernous, vertical space. With a few bins and tubs, though, they’re the perfect place to store things like extra toilet paper, extra toothpaste, cleaning products, and less frequently used products.

Separate everything by use

Your toothbrushes and toothpaste should be in the same drawer or cabinet, and all your eye makeup should be together, stored separately from your face makeup, your face washes, serums, and other products. Even better if you can separate out and keep eyeliners with eyeliners, eye shadows with eye shadows, and in general, store like product with like product. This keeps everything in easy-to-see groups and makes it easy for you to keep on top of expiration dates.

Do a quarterly clean

While your bathroom needs actual cleaning far more often, do a quarterly sweep of your products to make sure you’re not accumulating too much clutter. This also helps you keep on top of throwing out expiring products regularly — which is important, because old products accumulate bacteria that can cause infections.