Modernity in your bathroom space is a trend that continues to gain momentum in 2018. The love of sleek lines, minimalism and order remains a popular choice for homeowners that are searching to purchase a home or looking to remodel their space. Here are some design features that can bring modernity to your bathroom.

Make room for furnishing

Modern design works well with small and large bathroom spaces but if you are working with tight quarters, you might have to pick and choose how you arrive at your modern sanctuary. The addition of a modern chair in the corner or a small sofa centered in your space will complement your modern look while adding comfort and softness.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is a key element of modern design, whether in a bathroom, kitchen or living room. Declutter the space to make it feel sleek and open.

Think in shapes and angles

Tile and backsplash design are great ways to add geometric shapes to your space. Think linearly, keeping symmetry and visual order as high priorities. Look for ways that you can add angular dimensions to boost the modern vibes.

Invest in a sink

Consider the lines, angles and shapes that a sink can provide to your bathroom. A raised or pedestal sink in angular, rounded or gently curved stainless steel or porcelain is a fitting addition for upping the modern feel of your space.

Reflect on your mirror

Mirrors can not only make a bathroom feel larger but they can also aid in design cohesion. For a modern touch, install a geometric-shaped mirror or a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Remember, symmetry is key!

Choose your materials wisely

Stick to concrete, wood, stone (such as marble or granite), slate, glass or ceramic. Don’t be afraid to combine materials such as wood with stainless steel. Using multiple modern materials can give the space personality and warmth.

Make your tub a focal point

A bathtub can make a splash in your modern plan by standing out while seamlessly blending in to your design. Freestanding bathtubs have become a staple of modern design with choices such as oval, rectangular or pedestal. Go with a freestanding egg shape for a unique touch that’s a little more edgy.

Play up patterns

White, black and gray are the go-to color choices for modern spaces. Make a bold statement without the use of a bright and bold color palette. Emphasize form rather than color and utilize patterns like chevron or herringbone to spice up visual interest.

Add art

Hang up framed art prints to enhance the modernity of your bathroom. A large piece of art is an impactful way to get that pop of color that you’re missing. Be wary of hanging too many pieces as the room will seem busy, unfocused, and not modern.


The word “modern” doesn’t have to signify cold, harsh or unfriendly for families. Whether you are a family of four, a newlywed couple or a bachelor, you can make a modern space work for you with the perfect combination of clean lines and warmth. With the right architectural elements and design choices, you can create a modern oasis that provides form and function to your mornings and evenings.