Choosing the right kitchen countertops for your lifestyle is one of the most important home construction and remodeling decisions you will ever have to make. The kitchen serves not only as a gathering place for family and friends, but also as a silent workhorse for a functioning household. Whether you entertain all the time or rarely ever cook a meal, the kitchen countertops will see you through. Here are a few tips we recommend on how to choose the best kitchen countertops for your lifestyle.


First and foremost you will need to know the countertop surface area that needs to be covered. Knowing how much area you have to work with lays the foundation for discussing budget, which is the next step in choosing your kitchen countertop material.


When choosing kitchen countertops, budget is best to establish early on. If budget is tight you can easily rule out the more expensive materials like granite and marble, and focus time and energy on materials within your ideal price range.


After you’ve established both space and budget, take a moment to think about the primary use of your kitchen. Do you frequently entertain guests? Will there be children present who could potentially make spills, or is the kitchen primarily for personal use only? If cooking is your favorite pastime and budget allows choosing kitchen countertops made of marble, quartz, or granite would all provide the properties desired for various cooking applications, like making pasta or rolling out cookie dough. If cooking isn’t really your thing you may decide to look past the heat-regulating properties of marble, and instead choose to focus on a countertop material that better fits your style and overall desired properties.

Consider Limitations

Now that you’ve nailed down the size, budget, and desired properties, it’s time to consider any material limitations. Since countertop materials are both manmade and naturally-occuring, there are various limitations unique to each substrate. Examples of limitations could be anything from the distance a certain material can span, to the number of seams required to use a desired material. You will also want to consult with a countertop professional to ensure your potential choices are available in your geographical location.

Kitchen Design and Style

By this part in the process, you should have a fairly narrowed list of potential kitchen countertop options to choose from. Start by gathering kitchen inspiration images of environments you are attracted to and consider what design elements (colors, feelings, accents, etc.) are non-negotiable to you. Choose two of the countertop options that best fit your design style. Next, do one last review of your function needs, comparing them against both materials. There will likely be a clear winner to be chosen as the best kitchen countertop choice for you and your family.

Whether it’s granite, marble or any other unique material, it’s important to ensure you choose the right kitchen countertop material for your lifestyle. Not only will you enjoy cooking and dining in the space, but your kitchen will be prepared to support you as the hub-of-the-household for many years to come.