Whether you’re renovating your existing kitchen or installing an all new one, finding affordable kitchen cabinets that don’t scream “cheap” can seem like an impossible task. Ahead, we share our best tips to finding and designing stylish kitchen cabinets that won’t break the bank.

Assess your needs and pick a cabinet type

There are three main types of cabinet construction, and depending on which type you go with, this is where you can save the most money. The three types are: stock cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, and custom cabinets.

Stock cabinets are pre-made, and sold as is — what you see in the store or showroom is what you’ll be buying for your home. Semi-custom cabinets allow for a it more customization — generally simpler aspects like color, doors, and hardware. You’ll save money based on the number of customizations you need, which impacts the time they take to build. Custom cabinets are your most expensive option, and are made to fit your exact specifications.

Make all of your decisions before the remodel or build begins

One of the biggest factors in any home project that escalates prices is changes and product selections made during the process, after construction as already started. Changes will obviously cost you money, but anything that you choose that is delayed, forcing you to either wait (and be charged extra) or pick a more expensive option out of necessity, can set you back.

When in doubt, paint it white

A bright whitewash can bring light to your kitchen and give any cabinet you choose a fresh, modern look, regardless of how much you spend on the cabinets themselves. This is an area where going simple can make up for more expensive built-in’s, like pullout drawers for trash and recycling.

Consider the lighting

Adding in under-cabinet lighting is an affordable — and practical — way to make an impact. You’ll be able to see better when you’re working, and add stylish flair to your kitchen while keeping costs relatively low.

Keep the layout you have

When remodeling an existing kitchen, avoid moving any major appliances — and the utility pipelines and plumbing — to save big. Instead of moving appliances, focus instead on optimizing your cabinetry design.

Focus on small customizations

Going the semi-custom route, and focusing on small customizations like hardware can still enable you to express your unique style at a price you’ll also love. Another fun — and practical — idea? Adding a chalk or cork-board to one or more of your kitchen cabinet doors is a great way to keep your family center stylishly organized.

Add glass doors

Going glass with your cabinet doors — even partially — means you can put some of your prettier items and cookbooks on display, using their designs — versus more expensive, custom doors —  to make a style statement.