Have you ever seen a house that looks beautiful on the outside, but as soon as you walk in it just feels old, plain, or uninviting? If you are like us, you find yourself trying not to judge, but you just can’t help wondering why the amazing people you know at that residence aren’t more interesting in their personal life.

This is the impact of not thinking about the inside of your home as a canvas that constantly reflects who you are and what you are about. Whether it makes guest appearances in Zooms, your kids social media, or you have occasional visitors, here are three tips for making your home a better reflection of who you are.


Your lighting matters. A lot. If you have walked into a room that seemed dingy despite having nice things in it, it very well could have been due to the lighting. Same goes for old schools and ERs. What makes them seem gloomy isn’t the furniture, which is often relatively new, it is the clinical-feeling lighting.

We suggest having a lighting consultant come to evaluate the space and give you advice on dynamic lighting changes you can make while staying within your budget.

Unique attention grabbers

Details that attract our attention and create a focal point for the room, end up defining that space. While you may feel pressure to find something unique, the positive side is that it only really takes one to two of those items per room. For example, a single painting can capture the gaze of anyone walking into the space, and instantly make the space more interesting.

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Feature a sculpture prominently in the space. The ideal location is on a pedestal that is nice but plain, so as to not attract attention away from the sculpture. If you have kids, however, think about putting the sculpture on a bookshelf or stand-a-lone shelf in the middle of a wall. This will highlight it, and make it easy to put museum lighting focused on it.
  • Feature something from nature. Whether wheat or a vase of dried leaves, this is a great opportunity to be creative and bond with your loved ones.
  • Highlight a mosaic of artworks that you all have done yourselves. This could be from paint and sip, or a weekend of fun. Just remember to frame them to give them a more defined and intentional look.

Print a series of nice photos you have taken onto foam core and arrange them artistically on a wall.

Your surfaces

“Say it ain’t so!” That’s the feeling everyone has who walks into a nice home that still has wood paneling, old outdated floors, or cabinets that look like they were built before the house was. Anytime we enter a house, we always look down at the floor, just like when we walk into a kitchen the first thing we do is look at the cabinets, counters, and refrigerator.

Get ahead of human nature by thinking through how you want these focal points to be a reflection of who you are.

For countertops and floors that can define your space, come visit us at Kansas Granite Mart. We would love to help your home feel more interesting.