As the temperature drops, our desire to leave the house and work from a remote location will drop, and at the same time our families will be spending increasingly more time indoors and around us. To get ahead of this, we are highlighting four tips to make your home as comfortable as possible to work from.

Find the right space

While your normal routine might include waking up, getting coffee, and hunting for a comfortable spot to work from for the day, we often start working from a spot only to realize that we’re falling asleep on the incredibly comfortable couch, our back hurts after working from the kitchen counter without back support from the barstool, or the kids are distracting you every few minutes as they pass by your kitchen table workstation.

Less-than-ideal conditions often cause a severe lack of productivity due to distractions and discomfort. The best thing to do if you are looking to work from home more effectively is to find “your spot.” This is the place that has the right lighting, chair, temperature, noise level, and feels comfortable all day.

This ideal space is free of distractions and not commonly used for relaxation (i.e. say no to beds).

Choose your furniture carefully

Believe it or not, the table, desk, and chair you sit in has an outsized impact on your productivity. If your seat is uncomfortable after 30 minutes, then you will likely need to take a break, even if you are in your groove. This often results in losing your train of thought, and missing the moments of inspiration and creativity. Make sure your table or desk is the right height, your screens are large enough, and your chair is comfortable enough to sit in for hours.

Lighting matters

Lighting plays an incredibly important role in how long we stay up, how much we are able to focus, and our creativity. If your workspace does not have windows, or if the view outside of that window would be too distracting or unattractive, it is best to mimic natural lighting through daylight bulbs. While yellow tinted lighting can make tired faster, cool toned lighting elongates our circadian rhythm and allows us to do more work, longer, before getting tired.

Make it feel inspiring

Your space should reflect how you want to approach the work that you are doing. For example, if you want to be an executive that everyone admires, you might want to consider adding an executive desk and executive cabinets. You will not only remind yourself of who you are, but you will earn the instant respect of everyone you Zoom with.

Whether designing a full office, or creating a workplace that reflects who you are, the Kansas Granite Mart team has solutions that can help your vision become reality.