It’s all about the details! When you are designing your kitchen island or bathroom vanity, and you’ve finally chosen the perfect slab of granite for your countertops, it can be easy to overlook seemingly small details like the edges. But with a variety of countertop edge profiles to choose from, what seems like a small detail actually makes a big impact on your space. Here are some edging options to finish off the look of your granite countertops and complete your design.

Straight edge

The rounding of this clean line design is customizable based on the needs of your space. A countertop with a straight edge effortlessly blends into a room, allowing you to highlight other elements of your space, such as a décor item or intricately patterned backsplash above the stove.

Bullnose edge

A countertop with a bullnose edge has a rounded edge from top to bottom. It’s easy to clean and gives a timeless, sophisticated and soft feel to the space. The bullnose edge style makes a countertop appear thinner. If a spill occurs, the liquid will not trickle down to the floor as it will follow the roundness of the edge.

Half bullnose edge

Like the name hints, a half bullnose is rounded on the top but it’s flat on the bottom. Spills will trickle to the floor because the bottom edge comes to a point. This is a safe option and it’s easy to clean. This style of countertop emphasizes the thickness of the slab and highlights the patterns and veining of the stone.

Ogee edge

From the side, an ogee edge forms an ‘S’ shape. It’s a classic, decorative, elegant and ornate look that pairs well with traditional styles. The curve can be dramatic or subtle depending on your personal taste. The ogee edge is not recommended for small bathroom or kitchen spaces as it can make the countertop look heavy. The curves of the ogee edge are more difficult to keep clean.

Eased edge

A common countertop edge profile is the eased edge. It’s simple, elegant and gives countertops a thick look. The corners are softened just enough so that the edges aren’t sharp. It’s a practical choice because it’s easy to clean!

Beveled edge

A bevel is a 45-degree cut in the edge of the stone, which makes it a sleek and angled countertop feature. The angle and width of the beveled edge can be customized to fit your preferences. The edge is easy to clean and is popular for elegant and contemporary design. A double beveled edge has even more dimension as it has two 45-degree angles. The doubled edge brings out the veining in the stone and catches light on both sides of the bevel which makes the room appear brighter and more luxurious.

Waterfall edge

If you’re looking to add some drama to your kitchen, a waterfall edge can be the aesthetic impact that you need. With a waterfall effect, a granite slab seems to flow over the countertop and extend to the floor, without an actual starting or stopping point. It provides a sleek, clean and modern feel to a kitchen space, while showcasing the stone as a piece of art. It’s a practical installation for families with children due to the lack of sharp corners.

There are a variety of countertop edge profiles styles to pick from. Understanding your options is the first step to making the right choice to achieve your desired aesthetic.