4 ways to transform a space with flooring

Living areas are the places where we entertain, lounge, and spend most of our time. As a result, these communal spaces have an outsized importance in the eyes of anyone deciding where to live, or for those of us who want to add some magic to our current digs. While making the space physically larger, [...]

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Granite 101

For thousands of years, granite has been a popular building material, not just for countertops and tiling, but for everything from buildings, monuments, and gravestones to bridges and roadways. It was used, along with limestone, to build Egypt’s pyramids, and much of ancient Rome’s columns and monumental buildings were carved from granite. So what [...]

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Our best tips for your kitchen remodel

Our kitchens are where our lives are lived — from kids doing homework at the counter, the baby pulling the pots and pans and tupperware out of the bottom cabinets, to the meals and snacks labored over with love, it’s the heart of our home. So whether you’re looking to remodel to improve storage [...]

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