5 sink materials for your kitchen remodel

Whether you are a master chef, a one-pot-wonder kind of cook, or even if you rarely cook at all, you still use (or at least look at) your kitchen sink every day! There used to only be a few options to choose from but now consumers are overwhelmed with colors, finishes, sizes and materials. Here [...]

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Designing a floor plan for your small kitchen remodel

For families of all sizes, the kitchen is where memories are made, whether that’s making Nana’s cookie recipe or getting together for Taco Tuesday. A small kitchen can be just as warm and inviting (and efficient!) as a larger space. Pairing the right floor plan with space-saving design choices will allow you to have the [...]

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Things to consider when planning your kitchen makeover

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, consider the following factors before you jump in to your project. If you put preparation and thought into your remodel before you begin, you’ll find that the process will be easier and that the outcome will be exactly what you imagined. Research Flip through magazines, browse the Internet and [...]

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Pinterest’s Best Kitchen Organization Tricks

To Keep Your Cabinets Clean and Your Countertops Clear Spring may be famous for its cleaning fever, but there’s something about the end of the year that gets us in the mood to organize. Perhaps it’s all the time we’re spending inside, or all the holiday baking and cooking that keeps our kitchen busy. [...]

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