How to create a modern bathroom

Modernity in your bathroom space is a trend that continues to gain momentum in 2018. The love of sleek lines, minimalism and order remains a popular choice for homeowners that are searching to purchase a home or looking to remodel their space. Here are some design features that can bring modernity to your bathroom. Make [...]

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Helpful tips for lighting your bathroom space

Utilize thoughtfully chosen and carefully placed lighting to create a bathroom space that is ideal for makeup application, styling your hair or simply unwinding from a long day. Here are some tips to ensure that you design smartly so that your lighting in your bathroom fits your personality and lifestyle. Overhead lighting Consider ceiling-mounted or [...]

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2018 Trends: Bathroom design

Here are some trends for 2018 that are making a splash in bathrooms, big and small. Bathtub Make your clawfoot tub the focal point of your bathroom. Showcase your porcelain beauty by keeping it separate from the sink, toilet and shower. Freestanding tubs are all the rage right now, but you can take it one [...]

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Tips for a small bathroom remodel

Designing a small bathroom has it challenges, but if you make every inch count, you might be surprised what you can do with your small space. Use these design tricks for your small bathroom remodel to save space without compromising on style. Rethink the sink Make room for traffic by putting the sink in [...]

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A guide to selecting bathroom cabinets

A bathroom remodel is an exciting endeavor but the list of options for bathroom cabinetry and vanities is long. Here are some things to keep in mind, whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or starting from scratch. Do your research Understand your space. Think about how you and your family use the space and [...]

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How to maximize your bathroom cabinet storage

It’s a simple law of life: if bathrooms and kitchens are where we do most of our living in our homes, then they’re also the two places primed for the most mess and clutter. So if you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you’re probably dreaming of all the storage from your new cabinets. The key [...]

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How to plan your bathroom remodel

When it comes to investing in your home, there are a few projects that both improve your quality of living and comfort at home and pay off financially. A bathroom remodel continues to climb in ROI: in the Midwest, the project adds an average resale value of $10,874 with a 57.6% ROI.   But [...]

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