As temperatures slowly begin to drop, we enter into a season that was traditionally one of harvest. This would be the time that the crops would be brought indoors and stored away to prepare for the winter. Continuing this theme of nature coming indoors can be the key to a vibrant and comfortable home for the winter.

Here are a few ways we can accomplish this:

Courtesy of PNW Productions

Incorporate the outdoors

Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to add comfort and a natural feel. Lets face it, being surrounded by nature, without actually having to be in nature is a great way to add tranquility and the warmth of nature without the bugs and dirt. Here are some ways to bring nature into your home:

  • Use branch clippings and greenery from the backyard. You can put them in a vase, or use them to spruce up your bookshelf…even make a fun art project with it. Just the presence of these will add a natural element to your otherwise sterile spaces
  • Incorporate seasonal fruit and vegetables such as mini pumpkins or apples
  • Add fall scented candles to every room
  • Flower arrangements go a long way as well

Courtesy of Tim Gouw

Add textures

Nature is not just one pattern or texture – it is a beautiful combination of smooth and rough textures, and as you look to bring the warmth of nature into your home, think about how you can also vary your textures. Try adding layers to your couch by switching out throw pillows and adding throw blankets. Add some polished copper, brushed bronze, or other metals with unique warm characteristics. For bonus points, you can also add cloth items with patterns and textures to further play into the dynamic you are creating.

Bring in the accents

Accent pieces can go a long way in defining a space. This is a great time to add mirrors with decorative borders, large pictures with lots of personality, straw wreaths, elegant centerpieces for your eating surfaces, large sculptures, and bold cabinets that tie everything together.

At Kansas Granite Mart, we pride ourselves in being able to add comfort to a space through our wide selection of cabinets, floors, and countertops. Swing by for ideas on how to make your home warm and inviting.