For many of us, the bathroom is where we start our morning routine and end our day. The small room can have outsized importance on how we feel and how others see our living space. Despite being a small space, this room has the ability to feel open and large if designed accordingly. Here are seven tips for getting the most out of your small bathroom. A bigger feeling bathroom is only a few steps away.


By adding larger mirrors to a small bathroom, it bounces light around making it seem brighter while creating an optical illusion that the space extends past that wall.


The smaller the bathroom, the more it likely feels dark and cramped. One way to solve this is to add natural light to reduce the closet feeling. By adding natural light it will create more reflections which will make the space feel more interesting, but also give an interesting focal point that distracts you from being in a small boxed space. To accomplish this you can add windows, enlarge windows, or simulate the outdoors with a large picture and natural light options if your bathroom cannot support a window.


Shower curtains – whether plain or patterned – create a barrier in the bathroom, almost as if you have another wall there. By taking away the curtain wall, and replacing it with a clear barrier, you are allowing the line of sight to stop at the wall and not at the curtain.


Patterns and small tiles on bathroom floors create more lines which make the floor seem smaller. Try replacing that with larger plain tiles that will give the impression of more floor space.


One way to keep light bouncing around a space is to use a high-gloss paint on your walls. Similar to the effect of the mirror, this makes the bathroom feel like there is more space due to the inclusive lighting.


If you think about nature, which feels expansive, it rarely has bright colors in it outside of the sky. Bright colors tend to have a larger-than-life presence which can take over a space and give that wall or cabinet more prominence in the room – which can result in it taking over the space, and thus making the space feel smaller. As much as possible, try to re-create the open expansive feel you get in nature through more neutral colors.


Adding natural textured floor-to-ceiling tiles along the walls of the bathroom creates a uniform texture that makes the entire space interesting. By not having any horizontal lines, you are able to make your ceiling feel higher, and your bathroom will come across as having a more elegant polished feel.

The key to creating bathroom spaces that feel larger than life is to make the space feel interesting without feeling cluttered. By creating uniform clean lines, and simple textures, you are able to give it an expansive feel. Try to avoid the normal bathroom items that interrupt those lines as much as possible (shower curtains, bulky cabinets), and add great lighting that gives it an airy feel.