Holidays can be exceptionally busy times of year for everyone. In addition to purchasing ingredients for the meals, we often find ourselves running around town picking up relatives, hunting for gifts, attending work functions, and shuttling our kids off to an unbelievable number of events, attractions, and activities.

As stressful as the holidays can be for us, they can be significantly more stressful on our kitchens. The end-of-the-year holidays are the time when kitchen cabinets, appliances, floors and countertops have the highest likelihood of being damaged.

To avoid you having to deal with a damaged kitchen, we at Kansas Granite Mart have decided to give you five tips for helping your kitchen survive the upcoming holiday season.

Pre-organize the most commonly used tools

The last thing you want is for people to be criss-crossing back and forth while getting in one another’s way in their search for the tools they need for making their amazing dressing or pie. To reduce frustration and traffic, take out the most-used tools and put them in either a vase or transparent container to make all of the tools easy to spot without having to play peekaboo in your cabinets.

Make your drawers work better

One of the tools we can’t live without are pull-out drawers for cabinets. They can come in metal or wood and can be installed in a day. These allow your cooking and baking warriors to quickly assess what is available and find what they are looking for without having to spend lots of time bent over, or pulling every single pot and pan out to find the specific one they are looking for.

Add lots of timers

Did you know that the winter holidays see a spike in kitchen fires? Whether caused by food being left in the oven too long, or on the skillet, the last thing you want is for smoke and fire to ruin your cabinets (or floor, since people often take whatever is on fire and knock it onto the floor to try and put it out). To keep you out of this kitchen emergency status, we advise adding lots of timers. Everyone having their own timer helps ensure that no matter who is cooking what, and who gets distracted, there will be a timer going off for their item that can prevent your holiday meal from going up in smoke.

Create stations

Do you have kitchen appliances that are going to be in high demand? To help keep everyone out of one another’s way, we advise grouping your kitchen appliances by what they will be used for. That means if you will need to make pasta, create a “station” where you have your dough rolling space, your noodle-maker, your colander and water draining pot. If desserts are being baked, you might want to put your filling blender, mixer, and dough kneading machines altogether in their own section.
Pre-grouping all of the appliances together allows for everyone to stay in their own section without having to be in each other’s way, which can lead to mistakes happening.

Protect your stone countertops

While stone countertops have many different traits based on their type and composition, there are a few general practice rules you will want to follow to ensure your countertops survive the holiday season looking their best:

  • Use coasters under glasses
  • Use counter mats and trivets when setting hot objects on your stone countertops
  • Blot spills immediately with paper towels and avoid wiping the spill
  • Talk to an expert about what type of cleaning products you can use on your countertops

At Kansas Granite Mart, we are excited for you to have a fantastic holiday season that does not require your kitchen to have to be rehabilitated afterwards. Our kitchens often become the hub for our holiday activities, so lets make sure we give it the best possible setup for successfully handling all of the attention it will be getting!