Mudrooms aren’t meant to be hidden anymore; they have kept their functionality, but are now being transformed into beautiful spaces that are perfect for hanging your coat. Mudrooms are a part of your home and should be designed to fit your personality; this way, you won’t mind if guests accidentally wander inside when they’re looking for the bathroom! Here are 5 mudroom design ideas to get the inspiration flowing for that summer project!

Combine two rooms

To have the functionality that your family is needing, you don’t have to have an extra room to create a mudroom. Use a wall to create a place where your kids can drop their things, take off their shoes, and hang their backpacks. All you need are some shelves, a bench, and some hooks to make it a usable area in your living room or kitchen. Take a look around your home and consider which walls or corners near a door could work!

Consider clutter

When you are designing your mudroom, think about clean lines and a visually appealing room that isn’t cluttered with shoes, books, hats, umbrellas, and coats! Find ways to hide all of the things that end up in a mudroom by using closed shelves, cabinets with doors, baskets, or crates that can keep the room feeling organized! Every family is different; think about what types of things you will need to store so that you find solutions that fit your family’s lifestyle.

Make it beautiful

Get bare, traditional mudrooms from the past out of your head! Your mudroom design plans should include ideas for decorations, lighting, and furniture. Design your mudroom space just like you would any other space in your home. Take the time and care to ensure that it not only blends with your current home’s aesthetics, but that it’s a place that you’ll be proud of! Hang art on the walls, incorporate granite into a wash station, or add a few plants in the corners; the sky’s the limit!

Make it weather-proof

The efficiency and functionality of mudrooms will vary depending on if you live in the desert of Arizona or the mountains of Colorado. Not only that, consider the changing of the seasons and what that means for your household. Basing your mudroom design on your summer needs may not work for you when winter rolls around. Also, ensure that you understand how your flooring will hold up to water or wear-and-tear.

Remember your pup

Although your dog won’t be leaving his shoes at the door, it’s crucial to consider your furry family members, as they have many things that come with them. Leave spaces for toys, collars, leashes, and snacks to make it easy when you come and go with your pet. Creating a space for Fido in your mudroom can help ensure that his leash doesn’t end up on the couch or living room floor!


A mudroom is a useful space, whether you are a growing family or not. Your lifestyle will dictate how you design your space based on your everyday needs. Think outside of the box and create a space that not only fits your personality, but that gives you the functionality that you’ve been missing!