Arguably the most important room in the house, the kitchen is a place where those who live in a space can get together, cook, spend time, and start or end their day. It is also an important aspect buyers consider when deciding if they want to purchase a property, and how much it is worth. If you would like to have a kitchen that feels upscale, but do not have the budget for a complete renovation, we have a few tips for you to transform your space without breaking the bank.

Built-in wine rack

Photo courtesy of Stanislav Kondratiev

Nothing says upscale like displaying a wine collection. A built-in wine rack can save space, become a decorative part of the kitchen, and display a collection of wines accumulated through travels or gifts. Even better, it serves as an artistic focal point just as much as it does storage.

An alternative is to opt for a wine rack as part of the cabinetry, or incorporating a wine cooler into either the wall or kitchen island.


High-end appliances

Yes, it’s true…we are usually against appliances being visible in a kitchen. Usually, appliances create distractions and a sense of clutter that breaks up the sightlines and makes the counters and cabinets seem smaller than they actually are. In fact, there are few things less elegant than a counter or kitchen island covered with various random appliances. So why are we having a change of heart?

Photo courtesy of Chevanon Photography

The difference is that we believe upscale appliances, used as design elements, can actually improve the look and feel of a kitchen. By adding an elegant appliance such as an espresso machine, you can make a statement about your personality and what is important to you, while adding a decorative element that people will talk about.

Our one caveat is to first make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen, and ensure that the appliance (singular) is placed in a way where it does not obstruct the openness and flow of the kitchen.

Dynamic Lighting

Lighting, and the lack thereof, can make or break your space. Great lighting makes your kitchen feel open and spacious. It makes the ceiling feel higher up, and infuses interesting focal points. If you include a window, lighting design can extend the kitchen’s feel, and by incorporating some of the outdoor elements into the eye’s line-of-sight, create an interesting canvas for those viewing your kitchen for the first time.

When examining lighting types, it is helpful to think of your kitchen as an art piece. A work of art with no “drama” is boring. That is to say, differing textures, and contrasting colors, are what makes an art piece unique and interesting. If we apply the same principles to your kitchen, you will want to pick out lighting colors that create both warmth and brightness. This might mean adding warmer LED lights to the inside or underside of your cabinets and then slightly cooler lighting to the recessed ceiling lights.

For an added sense of elegance, try lights that are themselves artistic statements. You can add chandelier lights or intriguing pennant lights to accomplish this.

Pay attention to your backsplash

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Nothing says elegance like a marble, granite, or quartz backsplash. The often forgotten backsplash is usually one of the first things people notice when walking into a kitchen. Since we are constantly looking for clues to understand the space we are in, the backsplash area can work against you if neglected, or go a long way for you if used appropriately.

For more ideas on how to use a backsplash or other design elements to create a kitchen that feels upscale, reach out to the team at Kansas Granite Mart for ideas and prices.