Living areas are the places where we entertain, lounge, and spend most of our time. As a result, these communal spaces have an outsized importance in the eyes of anyone deciding where to live, or for those of us who want to add some magic to our current digs.

While making the space physically larger, or changing the structure, involves expensive remodeling that can often be time consuming and inconvenient, there are many other ways to create the look you want without breaking the bank. Check out the following four living space changes you can make to make your space feel bigger and nicer.

Uninterrupted flooring

The longer a continuous line is, the larger we perceive the space around it to be. This means that when you are wanting to make a room feel larger, more spacious, or more luxurious, try using a single type of flooring material throughout any parts of the room visible to the eye. Whether wood, bamboo, ceramic, or marble flooring, you will want to make sure that if the pieces being put down have lines, that they are all pointing the same direction – preferably in the direction that creates as long of a line as possible.

Having your kitchen flooring flow into your living room or dining room, and then continue into the hallway is an example of a design choice that will make your space seem larger and more modern. The more continuous you can make the flooring, the better.

Match the tone of the walls to make it bigger

The more a color (or a set of colors that are very similar to one another) has a presence in a room, the bigger that room feels. The reason for this is we use contrast and lines to judge the length and depth of a room. When we blur the lines of where the floor or wall stops and the ceiling starts, it adds height and width to the viewer’s perspective. This works especially well with light colors where successful implementation can make it seem as if the space continues on much further in every direction than it actually does.

Matching a white ceiling to white walls and a light grey flooring is an example of a color scheme that will add airiness and a feeling of additional room to a space. For added effect, minimize crown molding unless it is the same color, make sure any rugs placed on top of the flooring match the color scheme, and try to find furniture that sits on legs so the viewer’s eye can see the flooring fade underneath it. These will help reduce the interruptions to the feeling of it being a continuous space.

Create conflict to spice things up

By adding bold colors, wallpapers, accessories or pictures, you can create the “drama” that makes a space memorable and exciting. While you will not want to go overboard with colors everywhere, adding bright splashes of color strategically, or visually interesting items in unexpected places, you can add an energy that was not there before.

Make it nicer

Just as people judge others by what clothes and accessories they are wearing because that is what our eyes are drawn to, viewers of a space use the aspects they are most familiar with: kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and sinks, to judge how nice a space is. If you want to spruce up a space, try modernizing the cabinets, providing a nicer countertop, and adding a sink that says that they are in a nice space. Then, based on the size of the space, you can design a flooring that contrasts those previous aspects, or compliments and blends in with them.

If you want to make the living space even more dynamic, try starting with your base design, which can be marble and white with metal appliances and accents, or wood and white, with brushed metal finished, as examples. Then add an element that will grab viewers attention, such as an expressive picture, or a bold backsplash. By adding these additional elements you will be creating a richer experience for the viewer, who now has more to take in, and thus feels like it is a more interesting space.


There are many options for changing how a space feels, but many of them will revolve around how you are able to change the aspects that viewers tend to focus on. For more examples of options, reach out to the Kansas Granite Mart team to discuss options.