What does your kitchen say about you? The kitchen is often the first place people look when visiting someone’s home. For them, the kitchen is a rare chance to glimpse into the everyday life you live. If your kitchen has become stale, or if you are looking to express more of who you are through your kitchen, here are a few tips that can help breathe life into your quarters.

Change the lighting

Are you still using yellow-tinted 1980s lighting in your kitchen? Lighting has a large impact on how we visualize a space. In fact, the light color you use can affect everything from how your tile looks to how awake you feel in the mornings. If you are still using the lighting from the building’s original construction, get rid of it immediately. Instead experiment with daylight and natural light options. Look for museum-style lighting to make your walls more dynamic, and LED lights to give your kitchen a crisp clean outdoors feel.

Add art

With art pieces and artistic wallpapers, you can shift the attention away from how small your kitchen is, and instead make the kitchen itself into a form of expression. The right wallpapers can turn your cabinets and appliances into frames, and give the eye a lot to look at. And since it only takes one art piece to transform an entire wall, you have control over the feel and colors that dominate your viewers vision.


Your walls

There is no law stating that you have to have a boring white, taupe, or earth tone coloring for your kitchen walls. In fact, many of the subdued colors that frequent our kitchen walls subdue our moods and take away from the vibrancy of our living space! Instead of sucking the energy out of the space, try using it as a large canvas to create the mood and experience you want to embody.

Take a shelfie

Are your shelves bland wood patterns from the 1970s? Cabinets are often the texture that defines the kitchen due to the sheer amount of surface space that cabinets take up. As a result, the cabinets play a large role in determining the look and feel of a kitchen (and even the living room and house, since you can often see the kitchen from the living room or dining room). The wrong cabinets can make the space feel old and outdated, whereas a modern cabinet set can set the tone for the rest of the living space. If you want to make your kitchen more dynamic, think about what you can do with cabinet finishes and open shelving versus traditional cabinets.

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