Fall is almost here! With the seasons transitioning from the raw heat of summer to the chill of winter comes an opportunity to redefine our home spaces as comfortable havens for relaxation. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to play around with different textures and infuse colors present in nature. Then, to prepare for a long winter indoors, add some elements of nature that can help you not miss being outside quite as much.

Lindsay Salazar photo, House of Jade Interiors

Create inviting beds

Ever wonder why hotel beds seem so inviting? One of the secrets for creating an enticing bed that acts as a focal point for a room is lots of layers on the bed. Many mistake this for needing to add lots of pillows, but overcrowding your bed with pillows can actually take away from the comforting aspect. Instead, try adding several duvets with different textures and colors that complement each other.

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Add a fur throw

Nothing adds comfort to a space like fur. One of our favorites is an Icelandic sheepskin throw from CB2. Having a large, lightweight fur throw that can be draped across living room furniture or on a bed is a great way to make a comfortable home oasis.

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Decorate with natural accessories

This time of year there are great opportunities to pull beautiful pieces of nature into home d├ęcor projects. One of the mainstays in holiday decorating involves taking wheat, twigs, or leaves and adding them to a structure such as a frame or vase. This allows for a structured natural element to be added to your home, with two textures coming together.

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