A new year and a new decade are among us! With it come a plethora of design tips and tricks to help make sure your home is modern and up to par with current trends. Here’s our list of top 10 trends you’ll want to implement this year.

1. Granite countertops are a must.

Don’t take your countertops for granite! (Get it?) Nothing reeks of yester-years like a lackluster countertop in your kitchen. Step into the 21st century’s next phase by replacing boring, basic countertops with granite. At Kansas Granite Mart, we offer quality remodeling at an affordable price. Whether you’re into quartz, marble, soapstone, or quartzite, we have something for you! Learn more at kansasgranitemart.com.

2. Authenticity for the win!

Now is the time to do you! If you love that bright red sofa, go for it. Is there an odd painting that captures your eye? Hang it up! Design your home in a manner that represents your individuality and personality. This will make you feel much happier than copying a style just because it got a lot of likes on Instagram.

3. Don’t skimp on quality.

Purchasing items that are of high quality aren’t just a good idea when you’re playing the long game. They’re actually good for the environment, too. Durability is key from an ecological perspective. Not to mention, you’ll end up saving a lot of money, too.

4. Try portable fixtures.

Nothing reflects your style more than light fixtures! Our favorite thing about light fixtures is that they give you an opportunity to make a statement no matter how big or small your place is. Worried about installing fixtures if you rent or lease? Portable fixtures solve that problem. Now you can have a chic chandelier or a more modern piece by opting for a portable light fixture.

5. You can’t go wrong with a European flair.

That farmhouse style is played. Trade it for a more European look. This means mixing antique pieces with modern pieces, vases with one type of flower (no more mixing), and walls with subdued, natural tones.

6. Patterns everywhere.

Mix and match all types of patterns this year. From wallpaper to rugs, you can’t go wrong with having different patterns in your home. Entertain the idea of having a window with patterned glass or trading in solid throw pillows for ones with repeated designs.

7. Black is the new black.

When it comes to signature pieces that stand out, black is the way to go. Think about how contemporary a black fireplace looks centered in front of a white wall. Even ceiling moldings and trim in a jet black shade will really pop!

8. Wallpaper your ceiling.

Really amplify a room by adding wallpaper with a bright, bold pattern to your ceiling. Also, this is one of the only surfaces that avoid damage. Adding wallpaper to your ceiling will definitely give add lots of drama to a living space, especially in the bedroom.

9. Connect with nature.

Natural materials and rustic woods make for great bookshelves and display cases. Take plaster and lime was into consideration, too. Don’t be surprised if grasscloths become a common material seen in homes this year.

10. Rugs are an art piece.

Find rugs that speak just as boldly as if they were hanging on your wall in a frame. Rugs in various shapes are becoming a thing this year, too. Look for duotones or contrasting patterns. Green and salmon are hot colors as well as lavender and cremes.

In a nutshell, 2020 is the year for total creativity. It seems as if nothing is out of the question when it comes to home decor. No matter which trend you choose, as long as it makes you feel good you’re on the right track.