Here are some trends for 2018 that are making a splash in bathrooms, big and small.


Make your clawfoot tub the focal point of your bathroom. Showcase your porcelain beauty by keeping it separate from the sink, toilet and shower. Freestanding tubs are all the rage right now, but you can take it one step further and enjoy your bubble bath in your bedroom. If you have the space in your floor plan and it blends well with your architectural style, putting the bathtub in your bedroom can make it a convenient and comfortable place to soak up some suds.


A floating vanity is a stylish but functional design choice that frees up floor space and opens the room to feel more spacious. It can hide distracting plumbing components, show off your floor to ceiling tile and give you that sleek, modern feel that you’re after. Trough and bucket sinks in a glossy white finish are also on trend and have also been seen in copper, nickel, chrome or black composite granite.


It’s still all about the storage. Although it’s not the most functional, open ledges are an aesthetic trend to hold your “prettier” items such as perfume. With this storage option, remaining organized and tidy is key as it’s out for everyone to see. Consider hidden storage such as a modern medicine cabinet to hide your toothbrush and vitamins.


Black is back! Matte black fixtures are easily adaptable into any design style and the color works well with any surface, material or hardware. Black is a timeless color that will slightly modernize your bathroom and it’s an addition that you can make without gutting your entire bathroom, as it blends well with many styles.


Less door is more when it comes to this functional, yet trendy, design choice. Ideal for a small bathroom, this type of shower design embraces the lack of or sparing use of shower doors. Keep one wall of glass to help contain water and tailor the floor to drain the water so that you don’t step into a pool when you’re reaching for your towel.


  • Use light-toned concrete for countertops, bathtubs, walls and vanities. It is durable and goes well with granite, marble and wood.
  • A uniform look can be accomplished by utilizing one material from floor to ceiling or wall to wall. This design choice will make an impact as it uses the same material for the entire bathroom. If you choose granite or marble, stay away from too much variance and stick to simple veining.
  • Customized terrazzo is slip-resistant, made of 20% recycled materials and maintenance-free. Terrazzo provides a subtle texture and unique visual to a bathroom space.


Wallpaper is trending and all designs are in. Choose between warm or cool tones, bold or understated patterns, and decide to cover one wall or every wall. If a busy pattern isn’t your style, consider getting creative with texture and choose a wallpaper that has a unique feel (literally).


Layer your lighting throughout the bathroom to create ambience. Think motion-sensor lights and LED technology. Consider a back-lit mirror or under-cabinet lighting to illuminate a footpath for the middle of the night shuffle.


With the emergence of technology, convenience is only a click away. Sync your smartphone so that your preferences can be set at the touch of a button. Smart technology can heat your floors or your toilet seat and program your bathtub so it is filled and ready when you walk in the room.

Whether it’s a gut job or a light remodel, incorporating a few 2018 trends into your bathroom space will make it current and stylish.